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There are three separate summer staff positions available: Counselors, Junior Counselors, and Counselors in Training (CITs). Counselors are at least 18, given room/board and paid on a weekly basis. Junior Counselors are at least 16, given room/board but not paid. CITs are at least 14 and are required to pay $80/week to help cover their costs. CITs will attend the latter portion training week (dates will be sent via email).

To apply for a job, download and print the application and doctrinal statement. You also need to print three reference forms. NEW: you now have the option of using the online forms below.  References are only needed with first year staff applicants.  Returning and Veteran staff applicants DO NOT need to send references.

Give the reference form and a stamped envelope – addressed to the camp – to three people who will serve as a reference for you. Ask them to complete the form and mail it to the camp.

Complete the application and mail it to:

Cedar Lake Camp
235 Conatser Lane
Livingston, TN 38570

We look forward to receiving your application and helping you minister to children and youth this summer.



Choose your application forms to print and mail in:NEW: Online Applications!
Summer Staff Application (For first time Counselors and Jr. Counselors)
New Summer Staff Online Form
CIT ApplicationCounselor-In-Training Online Form
Returning Staff Application (For Second Year Counselors and Jr. Counselors)Returning Summer Staff Online Form
Veteran Application (For Third Time or More Counselors and Jr. Counselors)Veteran Summer Staff Online Form
Full-Time Staff Application
Counselor and CIT Reference FormCounselor and CIT Reference Online Form

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