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Why Are We Fundraising?

God is revealing His faithfulness to camp in a number of ways. Our summer just ended and it was an amazing time. Kids made decisions to follow Christ, grew in their walk, and we saw many who made their profession of faith by being baptized. Praise the Lord! God has been working in this camp ministry for over 77 years, and He continues to do so. I’m sure you are noticing all of our announcements about our fundraising events. We have car washes going on this week, worship night, and a yard sale coming up. These are all efforts to get a jump start on a new building project.

We have been praying diligently for a multipurpose building and a new pool. With these new additions, camp can continue growing, reaching more kids with the gospel, and help house retreats during the off-season. We ask that you join us in prayer as we fund raise for this new building phase.

Come and see us and get your car washed this week. Here are the dates and locations:

Monday, July 22- Autozone 558 S Willow Ave, Cookeville, TN, 38501

Tuesday, July 23- FBC Livingston 708 E Main St, Livingston, TN 38570

Thursday, July 25- Central Baptist Church 1346 S Main St, Crossville, TN 38555

All car washes are from 11AM- 4PM. Donations Welcomed.

Join us at a community night of worship at Cedar Lake Camp! All ages are welcome! Bring your own chair or quilt. A love offering will be taken for the building phase.

CLC yard sale this Saturday, July 27th at I Am Worship located 4483 Cookeville Hwy, Cookeville, TN 38506. The yard sale will be 7AM-2PM. All profits will go to support CLC’s building phase.

April Newsletter

What’s been happening at CLC?

There has been so many exciting things happening around Cedar Lake Camp. Just because summer ends doesn’t mean the work ends. Read about what has taken place during this off-season!

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who built it labor in vain…” Psalm 127:1 has been used to many times to encourage families to keep the Lord as the foundational center piece of their lives, family, and home. That is a wonderful application of this verse but the same principle applies to all of the Christian life. We are to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ in everything we do, even eating and drinking says the Apostle Paul.

That is our goal at Cedar Lake Camp. We want to point people to God and set their feet on “paths of righteousness for His namesake.” Many people have embraced the forgiveness and salvation offered through Christ while at camp. To accomplish this goal there some essentials needed. First of all, our staff is amazing. Most summer staff were campers then transitioned into staff life at CITs on up to Counselor. Secondly, our program has barely changed over the last 77 years…and that’s a good thing. Brother Geiger, who founded camp, did not need fancy high-tech gadgets to offer children an exceedingly fun and spiritually impactful week. We still operate with a simple modus operandi: safe, fun, and Christ-centered. And of course we need funds to facilitate these functions (thank you donors!).

The last practical item of camp’s success I wish to highlight are facilities. We can have all the lofty goals in the world but without a place to carry them out we are stuck. I praise the Lord for our 84 acres and all the buildings and structures on it. Over these last few years we have added to those facilities. In 2014 we introduced Woolly Mammoth– a brand new cabin with all the bells and whistles (literally)! Last year Cabin 10 (A.K.A Bobcat) received a renovation and was used to house young people, not just bunk bed ladders. This year, we are pleased to announce Cabin 9 (Marsh Beaver) also received a face-lift and is very close to completion.

I hope you saw our social media post about breaking ground on ANOTHER brand new cabin just a few weeks ago. This one will live right beside the Mammoth and is almost as big. The cabin’s shell, made of kiln-dried cedar logs, was donated as a kit through a friend from Maine. Footers and foundation are completed along with the subfloor. This newest gem is named Behemoth (read Job 40…).

Two more items for which we have longed are a gym and new pool. These, by far, are the biggest projects we’ve ever tackled. After years of praying and planning we now have the first step complete- professional plans! I’m saving most of the details for a later reveal but I’ll tell you the gym alone is almost 12,000 sq. ft and the pool is connected to the outside of it. Like most of our projects, this will require fundraising and a lot of it. We’re talking mucho dinero. Please pray about how you may be a part of any of these projects. As I’ve always said, for excellent camps we need excellent facilities.

Buildings may not be the most fun thing in the world to talk about but they are necessary tools. They’re not for us anyways. They’re for the children and guests who enjoy Cedar Lake Camp. Psalm 127:3 tells us “children are a heritage from the Lord.” As we enter our 77th year, we look forward to continuing the legacy of passing the gospel of Jesus to the next generation and building on this heritage. We should never seek to build empires in ministry but rather we add to the Kingdom.

-Ryan Higgins, Director

Summer is just around the corner and we are gearing up to meet it head on. However, Cedar Lake Camp does so much more than summer camp.  From mid-January to Spring Break we hosted After School Adventures at a local church to reach out to children in our community with the gospel.  Each week was infused with games, snacks, homework, and Bible lessons all leading up to Spring Camp over the break.

Each camp that we do is different, whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or international.  With Spring Camp the weather is usually cold, the grass is brown, the swimming pool is empty, but some things never change; Campers are still campers, the staff is still close knit, activities are still fun, and the Bible is always taught.  

This year was no different. Carley, our fabulous intern, lead the charge with the Bible teaching.  Leading the campers from Egypt to Sinai, she expounded God’s word from the second half of the book of Exodus.  Spring Camp obviously has smaller numbers for campers and staff, but the impact can be just as great as we go into it with the intent to love on our campers as Christ has loved us. As for the cold weather, it really seemed to only bother me because the campers were more than excited to get out and enjoy the activities of camp, including splashing in a canoe and even searching for crawfish in the creek.  

One unique thing about our fall and spring camps is that they are day camps only, so in the evening we get the opportunity to invest in the staff a little bit more.  This year my wife, Megan, led the staff through a study to help them learn to be wise in their interactions with our culture. In a culture that seems to be shifting more and more away from Biblical values, it is important that we learn to interact with the culture without letting it shake us from the solid rock of Biblical truth.  As we move into the summer we intend to continue to stand firm on that foundation of truth, teaching it and reinforcing it among our staff and all the campers that God sends our way.

-Jared Marsh, Assistant Director

Cedar Lake Camp 5K, 8K, and Adventure Mile

Cedar Lake Camp will be hosting a 5K and 8K race! This event includes a 5K, 8K with a partial trail run, and a kid’s adventure mile! The kid’s Adventure mile is for children 5-10. Children 11+ are able to participate in the 5K.

Business and individual sponsors are welcome and can email us at [email protected] for more information and registration forms.

All entries from this event will go to support our summer camp program!

We welcome all families to come and join us May 04, 2019. Come take a tour, meet our staff, and help us jump into our summer season! 

Register Here

Here is a look at the schedule:

8:00 AM- Registration

8:30 AM- Kid’s Adventure Mile

9:15 AM- 5K and 8K Run

Groundbreaking News

We have some exciting news! A year and a half ago, we received a cabin kit from a dear friend of camp. This past quarter blueprints were made for this new cabin. Today, the foundation work has begun! More cabins means more kids. More kids means more gospel opportunity.

We have also remodeled two of our existing cabins!

We are very thankful to all of our donors and supporters. A special thank you to our Capital Building Fund partners for making these improvements and new additions possible! We are thankful to the Lord for these new expansions. Without Him, this would not happen.

If you would like to contribute to our efforts of improving and expanding camp, check out our “Partner with CLC” tab!

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Spring Camp 2019

Spring camp is a great way for kids to spend their break. Cedar Lake Camp offers fun, supervised activities such as rifelry, archery, hiking, exploring our cave, learning in bible class, and so much more. Regsiter here on our website under the “Camps” tab.

Haiti Update 2019

CLC International

Haiti 2019 by Jared Marsh

“Disaster’s in the air” is a line from a famous song in the movie, The Lion King. It is also the line that I poorly chose to use as my first words to Megan (my wife) to describe the difficulties that we had experienced thus far at the airport! Since we were supposed to have already been in the air on our way to Haiti you can see why my words were poorly chosen.  I quickly had to backtrack and assure her that we were all fine and in fact hadn’t even made it into the air yet.

The disaster began as we arrived at the airport at 4 AM to discover that our flight had been canceled and we had been automatically booked on another flight that didn’t leave for another 3 days! Thus we began a process of trying to get 12 people on standby to Haiti during the holiday season.  Right away we had more problems.  Due to a lack of communication and the fact that we were all very flustered, one of our team members was put on a plane and his bag was taken to the luggage compartment, he was then pulled off the plane with his bag left behind.  This wasn’t a big deal because all of our checked bags had been sent to Miami without us already. However the problem that we discovered a little later was that inside that bag was his passport and it was now in route to Miami!  So I spent the next 5 hours talking with managers about this problem and dealing with the fact that all 12 of us were still on standby needing to get to Haiti.  After a very stressful stint in the airport, 3 team members got on standby flights and were reunited with the passport in Miami while the rest of us drudgingly headed out of the airport having seemingly no other choice but to take the next available flight 3 days later.  

I sent the team back to the hotel while I confirmed our new itinerary.  As I waited alone for the shuttle I had a moment to ponder “why.” Why did this happen?  What is God doing? No answer was given, but as I waited a prayer was answered. I got the call that my 3 in Miami were boarding the last flight to Haiti.  I was experiencing a split in emotion. I was frustrated, confused, and defeated from all that had transpired but I was also feeling grateful and relieved for the 3 who would soon be in the care of Ron and Karen, our missionary partners at Sing a New Song Transition Home.  

For the next three days our team was in a holding pattern, 3 in Port de Paix, Haiti, 9 in Hartwell, GA.  I didn’t know what to tell the team so I just expressed my apologies for the situation, my reasons for the decisions that had been made, and my questions for God that still lingered.  Those of us residing in the home of my parents in Georgia took the time to ask questions, pray, and study God’s word. At the suggestion of Ryan, we decided to study the book of Acts which is filled with stories of unexpected situations and interrupted or redirected plans.   

This was a good time for me.  I couldn’t get the team to Haiti, I couldn’t answer my questions or their questions, and I couldn’t see what God was doing, but what I could do was turn to the word of God.  God’s word has a way of filling us like nothing else can.  So for 3 days we ate, hung out, played, studied Acts, and waited to see what God would do next.

At 1:45 AM the alarm sounded and thus began our 23 hour trek to Port de Paix, Haiti on New Year’s Eve.  Pulling back into the airport was a strange feeling. We were excited to finally go, but anxious from our previous efforts.  Thankfully we arrived in Haiti with few setbacks. We gathered all the luggage and piled into a van that would later be humorously named “purgatory.” As the name suggests, the ride wasn’t pleasant. We were packed in with little space to move and the last 5 out of the 9 hour ride was on the worst road that I have ever been on. But the 9 of us were so grateful to be in Haiti that we made it fun and even celebrated New Year’s in “purgatory!”

New Year’s Day, also Haitian Independence Day, was a day of rest for the weary travelers, but, us being camp people, we couldn’t stay away from the children very long.  So we regrouped and hosted the first official cedar lake day camp of 2019. With it being a holiday, we only had about 20 kids or so but it was a good warm up for the next few days.  We played games, told Bible stories and served pumpkin stew. It was a great day of uniting the team and getting our feet wet in the ministry that we had come to do.  

The next two days were spent traveling back and forth to Ca l’Etang about 2 hours west of the missionaries’ home.  Ca l’Etang is a sparse village on the side of a desert mountain range. The first day we found out how hard it was going to be to do camp here.  It was very hot and the only shade that was available was under 3 small trees or in the school which was around 450 square feet.  The only flat ground was a small dirt area that mostly included the road next to the unfinished church building.

That first day we broke into 3 teams to do some outreach and play some games with the kids that had already shown up.  The hiking was tough with the houses being so spread out along the mountain ridge. By the time my outreach team returned, I was informed that every ball they had used had already popped and the team had been singing silly songs for the past half hour in the school because it was so hot.  We regrouped and tried octaball in the church with our last ball but it popped after 5 minutes.  So we scrambled and played  “tail tag” and “cat, cat, bird, or duck, duck, goose” as we call it and then did Bible class. We passed out the 100 Peanut Butter Sandwiches we had brought which fed just over 80 kids and few adults.  Right at the point where I felt we had exhausted our resources and energy, the tap taps arrived to take us back.

We came to Ca l’Etang the next day with a better game plan.  We sang and played. We utilized the shade with small group games.  It went a lot smoother even though we had about 50 more kids.  We did Bible class and fed them rice and chicken with some sort of Haitian sauce.  We passed out gifts: dolls for the girls, cars for the boys and a bracelet for everybody.  As soon as we were finished, the tap taps were ready to go.

Our final official camp day was Jan 4th back at the missionaries’ home.  This was our most organized day by far.  Some of the team decorated our play area and when the children arrived we had a game plan of what would work.  We utilized the class rooms in the school next door for octaball and played tag games in the road. During the final Bible lesson 3 sisters had a lot of questions and ended up praying to accept Jesus! The day was great, it felt very much like the end of our camps in Tennessee, spiritually-filled and physically-drained.  

The next day we took a trip to rest and relax at the beach and have some fun with our new friends from the transition home.  But of course, that evening back at the house we couldn’t keep the kids away nor would our hearts turn them away. So we played, sang, and danced until dinner was called.  

We had  one more full day in Haiti which consisted of traveling back to Port de Prince, staying at a hotel, studying the last 4 chapters of Acts, and getting some good sleep for our plane ride the next day.  The next morning all 12 plus our missionary partner Bensley and a driver packed into a van for one more final adventure in Haiti; the drive to the airport. And for our team it wouldn’t be a trip to the airport without something going wrong.  I was told that my 3 who had traveled to Haiti on standby were not booked on our return flight, or any flight for that matter, even though I was assured before we left Atlanta that all 12 were booked on the flight.  It took some demanding, but soon we were all in the air headed for home.

As I write this a week later, I still don’t have answers to all my questions and I may never get answers.  This morning as I walked over to the office, I passed by a bird that had fallen to the ground and it brought to my mind Matthew 10:29 which says, “Not one sparrow falls to the ground apart from the Father.”  God’s sovereignty is a hard concept to grasp when things in ministry don’t seem to go right. However, I can see that good things came out of our trip and our struggles.  Our dependence on God, patience with others, and joy in his saving work grew substantially to name a few.  Seeds were planted, watered, and some even harvested by the Lord on Cedar Lake Camp’s trip to Haiti!

Kaleigh, Morgan, Ben, and Micah on the “tap tap” ride to Ca l’Etang.

Jared playing with the kids in Pot-de-Paix.

CLC Summer Kickoff & SK5K

Saturday May 19th

Please join us for our annual Summer Kickoff family day and SK5K fundraiser.  There will be free selected camp activities, tours of our grounds and facilities, games, zipline, prize drawings and more!  This is a great way to get to know us and see our beautiful 84 acre campus with the entire family! 

We would also invite you to participate in our SK5K and one mile kids fun run…proceeds from the race go to support our summer camp programs and campership fund. 

Register by May 10th and receive a commemorative tshirt

Schedule and registration info are below:

8:45 AM              Kids one mile fun run begins (free, no shirt)

9:15 AM              5K begins

10:00AM             Tours and camp activities begin

11:15-noon         Zipline available for kids ages 5-14

5K online Registration (preferred)
Or Print Out and Mail THIS FORM






Poinsettia Fundraiser Sale

Oct 23- Nov 14 2017

Do you decorate with fresh poinsettias for Christmas?  Or give them as gifts to friends and family during the Christmas season?  

Would you be interested in helping us bring some cheer of the Christmas season to local nursing home and hospital patients? If you would like to purchase in honor or memory of someone please include the name/names when you order and we will include that information when we deliver to the patients.

Then please consider purchasing your poinsettias from Cedar Lake Camp.  We have two sizes of poinsettias available, 6 1/2″ and 8″ pots as well as Christmas succulent baskets.   


How to order:

mail (download and print here),

email, [email protected], (please include name and primary phone number)

or phone, 931-823-5656

All payments are due at the time of order.

Payments can be made by check, cash, or online.  For online payments please call the camp. 

Getting ready for Summer Camp 2017

Hey everyone!  We are working hard getting ready for Summer around here!

We wanted to give a shout out of THANKS to those who came and helped us in March for our first work day. Lots of projects were completed but there is still lots to do!

 If you or anyone you know would like to help us get our grounds and facilities in tip top shape please join us this Saturday April 22 anytime from 9am-3pm for our second work day.  Lunch will be provided.  

High schoolers can use these hours towards the community service part of Tennessee Scholars and Tennessee Promise.

Please call or email us at 931-823-5656, [email protected] to let us know you are coming.  

75th Anniversary Kick Off & 5K

Saturday May 13, 2017 will be our Annual Summer Kick Off and 5K Run/Walk. Come join us in celebrating 75 years of sharing HOPE and LOVE with children! FREE LUNCH included!

If you would like to volunteer to help please use the link below. You can also find links below to register to participate in the 5k run/walk and/or be a sponsor.
Date: 05/13/2017 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm CDT

Location: Cedar Lake Camp 235 Conatser Lane Livingston, TN 38570

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