• [singlepic id=103 w=240 h=160 float=right]Pavilion: This is a large screened-in building served by two bathrooms. It is great as a game room or meeting facility. It accommodates 75 people.

  • [singlepic id=102 w=240 h=160 float=right]Owl’s Burrow: This cozy and cool room has bunks but is spacious enough to house small cozy meetings

  • [singlepic id=99 w=240 h=160 float=right]Hawkeye Lodge: This historic building is a great place for any kind of meeting. It has the atmosphere of a quaint old farmhouse.

  • [singlepic id=97 w=240 h=160 float=right]Kitchen & dining: Our large commercial kitchen and dining hall accommodates up to 200 people. It also can be used for large group meetings.

  • [singlepic id=100 w=240 h=160 float=right]Island & gazebo: A large gazebo on an island in our canoe lake is a great place for an outdoor meeting or bonfire. It includes benches and a large gas grill that is available for cookouts.

  • Snack Shack: Our Snack Shack provides an opportunity to buy drinks, snacks, T-shirts and other items. This is available on request.

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